The Department for Building Structures and Materials is primarily focused on science, education, applicative activities and consulting services in the domains of design, diagnosis, repair, strengthening and reconstruction of earthquake-resistant high-rises by application of traditional and innovative techniques and materials.


Prof. Dr.
Veronika Shendova

Head of department


Assoc. Prof. Dr.
Goran Jekic


Assistant, M. Sc.
Aleksandar Zlateski


Asst. Prof. Dr.
Aleksandar Zurovski


Assistant M. Sc.
Elena Delova


  • Design/Assessment based on structural behavior
  • Modern materials
  • Innovative structural systems
  • Nonstructural elements – interaction with the principal structural system
  • Original technologies by application of modern materials for repair and strengthening of existing structures
  • Investigations for re-evaluation of existing and preparation of new national annexes to Eurocodes referring to seismic design of buildings
  • Monitoring of conditions, detection of damages to buildings, historic structures and monuments and measures for structural rehabilitation
  • Analysis of high-rise structures exposed to explosions and traffic vibrations
  • Sustainability and energy efficiency of high-rises
  • Building information modeling (BIM)
  • Design of new seismically resistant high rise structures.
  • Diagnosis, repair, structural strengthening, reconstruction, rehabilitation, enlargements and built additional storeys on existing high rises.
  • Professional opinions – expertise on stability and safety of existing high rises under  gravity and seismic effects.
  • Analysis of high rise structures: elastic, static and seismic analysis, analysis of bearing and deformability capacity, nonlinear static analysis, nonlinear dynamic analyses for real earthquake records
  • Testing of structural elements and integral structures.
  • Professional and consulting services, revision of technical documentation, supervision of construction of structures, technical approval.
Photos taken during realization of scientific-research and applicative projects and activities