On IZIIS Alumni

welcome to our alumni portal

We will always be IZIIS

Creation of a network that will connect the scientific-research and fellow staff of IZIIS with former employees, students and IZIIS course-attendees with the  idea of establishing a continuous joint cooperation and exchanging ideas and opinions  for the purpose of development and enhancement of earthquake engineering, engineering seismology and society as a whole.


The IZIIS ALUMNI network will unite different generations that have traced their scientific and professional paths through IZIIS. Their achievements and careers will motivate the present and future employees and students in their further scientific and professional advancement. The vision is that this network grows into a future forum for creation and discussion of new ideas and concepts at national and global level, promoting the idea of creation of seismically safe and resilient societies.

  • Promotion of IZIIS reputation in the country and abroad
  • Connection with all former employees, students and attendees of courses at IZIIS
  • Strengthening of connection and cooperation between the IZIIS staff and the alumni
  • Cooperation with the companies and the institutions in which the alumni work
  • Creation of a database with contacts that will be available to all registered members
  • Creation of a forum for online communication
  • Cooperation with similar alumni associations in the country and abroad
  • Organization of joint meetings

The right to membership is given to all former employees, students and IZIIS course attendees. Registration is voluntary, free of charge and can be done online. 

We are sure that IZIIS ALUMNI will arouse a great interest among our colleagues with whom, through this network, we will jointly promote the tradition and the reputation of IZIIS and will enhance mutual cooperation.

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