List of referent international scientific-research projects realized since 2010:

  • Comprehensive RISk assessment of basic services and transport InfraStructure (CRISIS); 2020-2022 (101004830 – CRISIS – UCPM-2020-PP-AG)
  • Learn to be Resilient (L2BR), 2021-2022 (101017950 – L2BR – UCPM-2020-KN-AG)
  • Transnational network of National Contact Points (NCP_WIDENET); 2015-2020 (H2020, WIDESPREAD programme)
  • Increased resilience of critical infrastructure to natural and human-induced hazards (INFRA-NAT); 2018-2019 (EC DG-ECHO програма)
  • Seismology and earthquake engineering research infrastructure alliance for Europe – SERA: WP14, TA7: Access to DYNLAB shaking table at IZIIS; 2016-2017 (H2020 programme)
  • Seismic engineering research infrastructures for European synergies (SERIES); 2009-2013 (FP7 programme)
  • Upgrading of research equipment for dynamic testing of large-scale models (UREDITEME), 2009-2011 (FP7 programme)
  • Improvements of the harmonized seismic hazard maps for the Western Balkan Countries (BSHAP-2), NATO SpS 984374; 2012-2015
  • Seismic upgrading of bridges in South East Europe by innovative technologies, NATO SpS-983828; 2010-2013
  • Harmonization of seismic hazard maps for the Western Balkan Countries (BSHAP-1), NATO SpS-983054; 2007-2011
  • Advancing effective institutional models towards cohesive teaching, learning, research and writing development, no 15221; 2016-2020
  • Underground built heritage as catalyzer for community valorization, no 18110; 2019-2023
  • The soil science & archaeo-geophysics alliance: going beyond prospection, Action SAGA-CA 17131; 2018-2022
  • Smart energy regions (ESF Project), TU_1104; 2012-2016
  • Impact of climate change on engineered slopes for infrastructure, Action TU1202; 2013-2016
  • Assessment, reinforcement and monitoring of timber structures (FP1101); 2011-2016
  • Urban habitat constructions under catastrophic events; 2007-2010
  • Integrating Seismic Risk to EE – North Macedonia; (2020)  WB-ARUP
  • Development of numerical models for reinforced-concrete and stone masonry structures under seismic loading based on discrete cracks; 2015-2018 (financed by the Croatian Foundation for Science)
  • Frame – masonry composites for modeling and standardizations (FRAmed – Masonry – FRAMA); 2014-2015 (financed by the Croatian Ministry of Science)
  • Experimental verification of innovative technique for seismic retrofitting of traditional masonry buildings; 2012-2013 (financed by ROFIX  AG, member of FIXIT GRUPPE, Austria)
  • Unified seismic hazard mapping for the territory of Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Republic of Macedonia; 2009-2010

    (financed by CEI)