In accordance with the Law on Modification and Amendment of the Law on Construction (Official Gazette of RM no. 163 dated 26.11.2013), each structure in the Republic of N. Macedonia should be designed and constructed such that there will be no disturbance of its mechanical resistance, stability and seismic protection in the course of performance of the construction works and during its serviceability (Article 4).

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For its continuous commitment toward building  a seismically resilient society, IZIIS  received a legal competence to control structures in the phase of design and in the course of the construction of the bearing structure. Based on these modifications in the Law of Construction made later in 2013, IZIIS has continuously been receiving requests, controlling submitted design documentation, performing field insights, inspecting constructed structures in situ,  stating whether  the constructed structures are compliant with the  submitted design documentation and issuing Opinions on designed and  as-built level of mechanical resistance, stability and seismic protection. This complex process  has been realized through an integrated web-based system elaborated by own staff, as the first of this kind in the region and beyond ( From the beginning of the introduction of this Law until May 2020, IZIIS issued over 17.000 opinions, which represents one of the key factors of control of the national seismic risk.

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