In future, the activities of IZIIS will continuously be dedicated to reduction of risks related to natural disasters through protection of human lives and material goods and reduction of possible damages to social-economic systems caused by the effects of earthquakes and other disasters, with the only goal of contributing to building of a seismically resilient society.  IZIIS realizes its strategic goals by:

1. Advancement of science, education and applicative activities in the field of earthquake engineering and engineering seismology through integration of knowledge and experience into high education study programmes for the second and the third cycle of studies as well as realization of scientific and applicative projects.

2. Contribution to creation of a society ready to manage disasters and mitigate the incurred consequences as well as stimulation of policies of building capacities in the field of science, technology and innovations, direct raising of the preparedness level of the population for the conditions of natural disasters and creation of an environment for development, adoption and implementation of legal regulations aimed at prevention and reduction of risks to acceptable ones at national and regional level.

3. Stimulation of cooperation with international academic and scientific communities and organizations, crisis management institutions as well as media thus providing considerable contribution to building a culture of efficient management of natural disasters and their consequences.

4. Establishment of regional and international partnerships and networks for collection and exchange of data on natural hazards and their direct application in reduction and control of risks.

5. Creation of regional and international partnerships with the construction industry for the purpose of direct application of the results from the investigations in the construction sector.

6. Exchange of knowledge and experience among academic and scientific institutions, organization of training of researchers and engineers in the field of earthquake engineering and engineering seismology as well as creation of interdisciplinary platforms for improvement of disaster risk management with participation of researchers dealing with natural, social and other sciences.