The Department for Geotechnics and Special Structures is primarily focused on science, education, applicative activities and consulting services in the field of geotechnical earthquake engineering and design of special structures.


Аssoc. Prof. Dr.
Julijana Bojadjieva

Head of department


Prof. Dr.
Kemal Edip


Assistant, M. Sc.
Toni Kitanovski


Assistant, M. Sc.
Dejan Ivanovski


  • Scientifically based approach for evaluation of liquefaction occurrence potential
  • Real simulation of soil materials in a laminar container
  • Development of numerical models for analysis of stability of construction pits against static and dynamic loads, assessment of risk pertaining to landslides, analysis of water saturated soil and different problems in the field of geotechnical – earthquake engineering
  • Numerical simulation of multi-phase soil by use of own software
  • Static and dynamic analysis of soil specimens on a triaxial apparatus
  • Definition of strength-deformability moduli of soil specimens on direct shear apparatus
  • Definition of seismic parameters for locations anticipated for construction of structures of the first category.
  • Definition of seismic potential of locations anticipated for construction of  important structures.
  • Laboratory investigations of material curves obtained for specific locations.
  • Geophysical and georadar measurements of locations of special importance.
  • Revision of reports on geotechnical surveys.
  • Design and revision of more important structures pertaining to geotechnical-earthquake engineering.
  • Analysis and solution of problems related to structural consolidation of structures.
Photos taken during realization of scientific-research and applicative projects and activities