Open Days - 30 May

Second open day of IZIIS laboratories,
30 May 2023

The series of events, i.e., open days for the IZIIS laboratories continued. This time, we opened the doors to the students from the Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Faculties, as well as the pupils from the primary school “Kiro Gligorov”, and made yet another successful presentation of the three laboratories:

  • Mobile Laboratory EQ-MOBI-LAB
  • Dynamic Testing Laboratory DYNLAB
  • Laboratory for Dynamics of Soils and Foundations GEOLAB

Our team presented part of the equipment for non-destructive tests, a simulation of the effect of a real earthquake on a model placed on a shaking table, and a simulation of a real earthquake effect upon soil specimens on a triaxial apparatus for static and dynamic testing.

IZIIS’ open days offer an opportunity of uniting in a common vision, collectively aiming at building a safer future. We will continue with inspiring and instigating partnerships to jointly address seismic challenges.

KNAUF is greatly acknowledged for helping us make the models of the shaking table utilized in our everyday experiments and research.