Open Days 25 April

First open day of IZIIS laboratories with representatives of the Embassy of Sweden,
25 April 2023

Welcome to the open days for the IZIIS laboratories!

Our Institute is opening its doors widely to different interested parties and bringing “IZIIS for Skopje” project closer to all of you.

IZIIS is an institution that, with this series of events, has brought seismic science closer to the public.

So, on the first event from the series of events, we presented the three laboratories:

  • Mobile Laboratory EQ-MOBI-LAB
  • Dynamic Testing Laboratory DYNLAB
  • Laboratory for Dynamics of Soils and Foundations GEOLAB

Our honored guests were representatives of the Embassy of Sweden in Skopje. Engineers and researchers presented the fascinating aspects of earthquake engineering, including the presentation of part of the equipment for non-destructive tests, simulation of a real earthquake effect on a model placed on a shaking table, and simulation of a real earthquake effect on a soil specimen on a triaxial apparatus for static and dynamic testing.

The participants exchanged opinions giving impetus to profound thinking, with consideration of the collective understanding of the seismic forces and their extensive effect on our world.

Deep gratitude is extended to KNAUF who helped us make the models of the shaking table that are an inevitable part of our everyday experiments and research.

The open days of IZIIS are also aimed at the stimulation of cooperation, partnerships, and joint efforts in managing seismic challenges and disaster preparedness. Our guests – scientists, researchers, and diplomats were united with their common vision: collectively striving to build a safer future.

We are expressing our sincere gratitude to each participant and are looking forward to future events that will continue to unravel the mysteries of the seismic forces, encouraging us to wisely mitigate their effect and protect our global community.