"Kiril Pejchinovic" Primary School

Educational workshop at “Kiril Pejchinovic” Primary School,
Municipality of Kisela Voda, Skopje,
26 April 2023

Our series of interactive educational workshops, under the motto “IZIIS for SKOPJE”, started at the primary school “Kiril Pejchinovic”, for the purpose of increasing awareness of earthquakes among children and youths. These activities were carried out to mark 60 years since the catastrophic Skopje earthquake.

8th and 9th-grade pupils took an active part in the workshop.

The workshop instigated pupils’ interest in earthquakes and their effect on people and structures. Using practical and educational tools, they individually created different models of structures, whereat, they showed a curiosity for structures’ behavior in earthquake conditions. Interactive teaching methods helped them draw conclusions and recognize the general principles of the construction of seismically stable buildings.