Seismic screening of Museum of the City of Skopje

Seismic screening of Museum of the City of Skopje

It is our great pleasure to share with you our second seismic screening experience. After the successful screening of MANU, we have dedicated the second event of this type to the Museum of the City of Skopje, a structure that presently represents the silent witness of the largest catastrophe that struck our city in the latest history.

For the purpose of ample testing of the integrity and stability of the structure, firstly we came to know the history and importance of the structure and then we performed a detailed inspection of the technical documentation of the museum; followed by a detailed visual inspection and control measurements, experimental testing on selected representative bearing elements by use of equipment for non-destructive tests and finally, filled out the IZIIS form for rapid screening of seismic safety and security.

Again, we used the necessary instruments that included:

  • Sclerometer to define concrete strength
  • Ultrasonic instrument to define concrete strength by means of measurement of the ultrasound velocity inside the considered element
  • Profometer to detect the distribution and the size of reinforcing bars and define the thickness of the protective concrete layer
  • Instrument to define dynamic characteristics by measurement of vibrations of the structure due to ambient effects.

IZIIS for Skopje is resuming its mission, support, and participation in preserving the witnesses of the history of our city. Our aim is the safety of citizens, resistance to seismic effects, and mitigation of risk and economic losses through preventive activities.