Seismic screening of the Macedonian Radio Television

Seismic screening of the Macedonian Radio Television

We conclude the last chapter of the series of events involving seismic screening with one of the main landmarks of post-earthquake Skopje, the Macedonian Radio Television – the highest television building on the Balkan at the time of its construction. We start off by reviewing the technical documentation and performing a detailed visual inspection. Then, we perform control measurements followed by experimental non-destructive testing of selected representative bearing elements and finally, we filled out the IZIIS form on rapid screening of seismic safety and security.

Again, we used the necessary equipment consisting of:

  • Sclerometer to define the surface concrete strength
  • Ultrasonic instrument to define the concrete strength by way of measurement of the ultrasound velocity inside the considered element
  • Profometer to detect the distribution and the size of reinforcing bars and define the thickness of the protective concrete layer
  • Instrument for defining dynamic characteristics by measuring vibrations of the structure due to ambient effects

We learn from the past and build our future in which the importance of preventive checkups of the seismic resistance and safety of structures is our priority.

The IZIIS team will resume investigating innovative techniques and strategies to increase collective awareness and preparedness for disasters of this type.